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On this website we are attempting to design, manufacture & build many Physics Gadgets that cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world. So far we have accomplished four of our many objectives with The Tesla Turbine Kit, The Tesla Valve, the world’s smallest Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine and our new Thermoacoustic Stirling Engine. We are doing this in an effort to get people more interested in Physics through the medium of Engineering.
Some projects that we are working on at the moment are – a micro Rotary Stirling Engine, a micro Marble Stirling Engine and we are also working on a Minto Wheel. Once we have these projects accomplished i’m sure we will come up with something else :). You will also find many more Physics and Engineering based products & books scattered throughout the pages of the site.

We can also help you to create any new project that you may think of, check out our manufacturing services page to see how we can help to turn your big idea into reality.

Physics and Engineering

Whilst making these other projects we will also occasionally create some interesting Physics,Engineering and Project based pages if we have time.

Some currently available are –

Engineering: showing how an array of everyday objects work, from Lasers to Diesel engines.

Physics: Including the gas laws, the laws of light and many more

Physics projects: Would you like to convert your Cell phone to run on solar power? Or how about building an electricity generating Micro Wind Turbine? Click here to find out more.