Manufacturing Services

3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CAD & Animation Services

We can help you fulfill whatever project you have in mind. Here at we offer 3d Printing,Laser Cutting,Computer Aided Design and Animation services.

We can take your idea, create CAD files from it, send the files to a 3d printer or the laser cutter in order to make a physical object, or alternatively, we can create a full 3d model of your proposed project and send it to you. Complete discretion is guaranteed and non disclosure agreements can be signed should you require it. Please contact Paul for more information regarding our rates at, or continue further down the page to find out more about our machines and software.

3d Printing Service

For our 3d printing service we have a Makerbot Replicator 2x in house or should you need higher resolution/quality for your prints we can outsource our work to a third party, their machines are accurate to within hundredths of a millimeter and their machines are currently being used by Boeing, the McLaren Formula 1 Team and many more besides.

Laser Cutting Service

We have a 40 watt laser cutter in house that can cut many materials to within a fractions of a millimeter. It has a cutting area of 300mm (12 inches) x 300mm (12 inches) and can cut most plastics up to 15mm (over half an inch) thick. Should you require cuts made into other materials we can most likely offer assistance in creating your drawing file in order to send it to another laser cutting provider.

Cad Service

We use top of the range software for creating both 2d and 3d files. For our 2d files and for our 3D Models and animations we use industry leaders in their respective fields. Your files can be created, saved as a .dxf file (drawing exchange file) and emailed to you in order for you to do with it as you like, whether it be for creating a mold or getting quotes from a manufacturer.

Please contact Paul for more information regarding our rates at