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2 Stroke Diesel Engine

2 Stroke Diesel Engine

The 2 Stroke Diesel Engine works in a similar way to the 2 Stroke petrol engine except for the fact that it has no spark plug – a diesel engine relies on the immense heat created by the compression of air inside the cylinder to ignite the air & fuel mixture.

2 Stroke Diesel Engines have higher torque than other engines of similar size due to the fact that they compress the fuel air mixture to such high degrees, for this reason they are used in applications where high power is needed in combination with low maintenance, such applications include military vehicles such as quad bikes, small  but powerful generators as well as heavy duty lifting engines such as water pumps.

2 Stroke Diesel Engine Parts

two stroke diesel engine PARTS

two stroke diesel engine PARTS

Fuel Injector – this sprays the diesel into the cylinder head at a predetermined time – just when the piston is at Top Dead Center (TDC)

Exhaust Valve – Allows the exhaust gas to escape when in the open position

Piston – an aluminum cylinder that fits perfectly inside the cylinder, this converts the expansion of the ignited gases into motion

Connecting Rod – this connects the piston to the crankshaft

Crankshaft – the crankshaft converts the simple up and down motion of the piston into rotary motion

The Flywheel – this conserves the momentum of the engine so that when the engine is not being powered by ignition it can still continue turning

Air inlet Port – this allows air into the cylinder when in the open position

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