How to make a Small Wind Turbine

How to make a Small Wind Turbine 1


On the following pages i will show you how to make this wind turbine in detail –

homemade wind turbine

homemade wind turbine

Making a small wind turbine is actually a very simple procedure if you
have reasonable assembly skills, a few tools and a small amount of equipment – usually found lying around the typical household. If you are planning on making a larger wind turbine i would still recommend reading the following pages as everything would basically be the same apart from a scaling up of all parts. I have linked to some of the more unusual items that you might require during the build, these include a voltmeter & soldering iron, however, these items are not essential.


Why i made a small wind turbine


I have a small shed at the back of my house. Unfortunately it is too far away for extension leads to reach,and to wire from my house to the shed would cost hundreds of dollars, the distance is between 40 and fifty meters – that would be a lot of exterior cable – which is expensive. The shed is small so i thought I’d build a small wind turbine out of parts lying around my house to light it at night time only (doing this is very simple, it would also apply to larger  homemade turbines).

Small Wind Turbine Parts

save-75-on-your-electric-billThe equipment i needed to build this were as follows  –

  • an old pc cooling fan
  • a soldering iron
  • cable ties/tie wraps
  • screws
  • Silicone Sealant/ Mastic
  • a bicycle pump
  • 5mm wood sheet
  • some steel tube to house the pc cooling fan


I like to keep any old PCs i have had so i can take random parts out of them whenever i need, as a result i have several cooling fans lying around. If you cannot find one you can purchase them from Amazon for about 5 dollars – PC Cooling Fan.  They look like this –

How to make a wind turbine 1

How to make a small wind turbine 1


Most of the housing surrounding the cooling fan will need to be removed to allow it to be a neat and tidy small wind turbine.  Remove the majority of the housing by cutting away the spokes that attach it to the fan blade and small generator, then take the blade off its shaft, you have something like this –

How to make a wind turbine 2

How to make a small wind turbine 2


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