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Micro Stirling Engine assembly instructions

Micro Stirling Engine assembly instructions

Hi Guys, as many of you may know, we are no longer selling our micro stirling engine as it is simply no longer economically viable to do so. However, as this engine is very popular we have decided to set up a few pages outlining how you can assemble this engine for yourself. It is a beautiful little engine and it runs great when assembled correctly.

First off, we will go through the parts list.




  • 1x3x1mbearings available from Amazon below –



  • fine copper mesh available from Amazon below –


  • 5mm chrome ball bearing balls available from Amazon below –

  • 1mm steel rod available from Amazon below

These are all the parts required to build your engine. You will also need some small pliers and a small Philips screwdriver to fit the 1mm screws. I will be updating this page over the next few days to show how to assemble the engine using these parts.