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The Tesla Valve

The Tesla Valve

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tesla valve

The Tesla Valve was invented in 1920 by Nikola Tesla. It is a one way valve that has no moving parts. Unfortunately for us, Nikola Tesla declared bankruptcy a month after filing the patent and as a result, the valve faded into history and has seen little or no usage since.

 The EpicPhysics.com Team have developed an exact replica of the valve , we have tested it and shown that the valve does indeed work as Mr. Tesla expected.  Due to customer requests we have designed the valve in a such a way that the valve can be opened up allowing the internal structure and architecture to be seen. This does inhibit the functioning of the valve somewhat but it still works. For full functionality ideally the valve should be completely sealed but our customers have requested a lid on top.

If you have not seen it yet, the video below explains how the valve works. Below the video you can find information on how to attain a tesla valve.


Hopefully from the video above you can fully understand and appreciate what a simple yet marvelous piece of engineering the Tesla Valve is. We would imagine that this valve will be used more and more in both industry and domestically as it becomes more well know within engineering circles.
If you would like to get your very own Tesla Valve you can purchase one from a third party manufacturer –  Tesla valve . Please be sure to also check out our fascinating Tesla Turbine Kit