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Thermoacoustic engine kit

Thermoacoustic engine kit



Please note: The thermoacoustic engine is currently unavailable.

The Thermoacoustic engine is one of the most fascinating engines to have surfaced from renewable energy research in a long time. In its most basic form (linear thermoacoustic) it has only one moving part and can run on any fuel source, whether a naked flame or concentrated sunlight. Our fully assembled kit is available for just 50USD further down the page.

Many leading companies in renewable energy research and general R&D work (including NASA, Google and the US Air Force) are spending millions of dollars looking into this fascinating little engine. For that reason we thought we at EpicPhysics.com would start doing our own research with these engine, we also have them available for sale to the public, you can find out more about that further down this page.


How a Thermoacoustic engine works


The Physics behind the thermoacoustic engine was discovered by P.L Rijke in 1859 while he was a Physics professor at Leiden University in The Netherlands.

Through his own experimentation he discovered that if you took a glass tube that was open at both ends, placed some wire mesh in the lower half of the tube and heated it at one end using a bunsen burner that a high frequency sound would be emitted, this was a result of a thermoacoustic (thermo – heat, acoustic – sound/pressure) wave forming within the tube, the oscillations of which he could hear as a high pitched sound wave.

In a thermoacoustic engine however, both ends of the tube are closed. At one end you have the glass wall of the tube which is immovable,  at the other end you have a tightly fitting piston, as you can see you now have the basis for an engine. If you have not yet seen the video showing how a thermoacoustic engine works, please watch the attached video below. Please note that the engine is a little wobbly in this video, it has since been redesigned and is now much more stable.

Thermoacoustic engine kit


As far as we can tell, our thermoacoustic engine is the smallest engine of its kind in the world. The thermoacoustic tube and the power piston cylinder are both made of borosilicate glass, a glass that can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

The piston is made of finely honed graphite – each piston will only fit its cylinder, they are both machined together, this allows maximum pressure containment and minimal friction. The base and support structures of the engine are made from laser cut acrylic, this allows the amazing clarity allowing you to see inside whole of the engine.

We have also taken the liberty of adding a neodynium magnet to the piston, that way you can do your own experimentation regarding electricity generation using this engine.


As with all of our engines please allow up to 21 days for delivery to commence, we are very busy in our manufacturing plant at the moment, we hope this does not cause any inconvenience.


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We offer free delivery anywhere in the world and all prices are inclusive of VAT, you can purchase below for just 50USD$ using Paypal, bank transfer or credit card. Please note that you can save 10$ by ordering both the Thermoacoustic Kit & our Micro Stirling Engine together.


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