Patreon Projects

Patreon Projects


We are currently working on several projects simultaneously which we would like you to get involved in. The more people that we have on board with these projects the more likely we are to succeed in them – the wisdom of the crowd etc.

As these projects are going to be fairly expensive to complete we will need some financial assistance in these endeavors. In return for your financial assistance we will send you all 3d model files (which you can modify) and we will link to all parts that we are using – bearings, shafts etc. We will also keep you updated on our projects on a weekly/daily basis (or whenever we receive new parts etc).

As a result, these projects then become open source engineering, hopefully with thousands of minds working on it at the same time, with us being the hub. If you would like to get involved you can become one of our Patrons on Patreon –, we also accept Bitcoin donations if you would like to donate to our cause, send us an email and we will send you our Bitcoin address.

A brief overview of the projects

  • Project 1 – Micro Jet Engine

This a project that we have been planning to get our teeth into for quite some time. We are going to attempt to design,manufacture and assemble the worlds smallest functional jet engine. The image below is our first design, we expect we may have to modify this machine many times before it becomes operational, jet engines are not easy to design :).micro jet engine 1a

This engine can then be assembled by anyone around the globe and it can used for recreational or educational purposes – how cool would it be to see an RC Plane with 1 inch micro jet engines bolted to it? As it currently stands we have designed our first model and we have sent the parts off for test fitting. We are expecting these parts back very shortly and we will redesign them should it be necessary. To keep up to date with this project you can learn more here –

  • Project 2 – Ice Cube Engine

As some of you may already be aware, we have already created the worlds smallest functioning Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine.

micro stirling engine on hand

micro stirling engine

Unfortunately, it is no longer economically feasible for us to sell this engine as the assembly of the engine takes up to four hours. For that reason we have decided to design a new engine that can be assembled by anyone. We will design the parts, get them CNC ready and link to all of the components required to build the engine. This engine will have one major difference – it will be small enough to sit on, and engineered in such a way that it will run on the cold of a single ice cube.

ice cube engine design 1

This engine is currently in the design phase and we almost have the first model ready for fit testing with 3d Prints. You can follow our progress here –


  • Project 3 –  LTD Rotary Stirling Engine

In the world of the Stirling Engine, a rotary design has always been the holy grail. We believe we have a design for a low temperature model that will function on temperature difference as low as 25 degrees Celsius.

rotary strirling engine

The engine consists of two hemispherical aluminium discs that are heat shielded from each other by a thin strip of plastic. The engine will function on the temperature differential between these two plates. This engine is currently in the design phase. We expect to begin test fitting 3d prints in the next couple of weeks. You can follow our progress here –


The project list will be updated soon, we have plenty more in mind :).