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Laws of Light

Laws of light

The Laws of Light in physics start from the basic laws of reflection of light all the way up to the Doppler effect of light, which was fundamental in understanding of both the age and origin of the universe.

History of the Laws of Light

Throughout human history and the ancient world human have tried to understand light, this usually started with guesses at how the eye worked. Many famous scholars of the age, including Pythagoras and Epicurus believed that the eye projected light outwards and this is how we see things – the obvious flaw with this is that we should be able to see in the dark if this were true, as light emanating from the eye would light up dark objects.

Euclid would later describe the law of reflection and discuss the propagation of light waves in a straight line. Soon after Ptolemy was the fist to experiment with the laws of refraction.

The Laws of Light

The Tyndall Effect

Total Internal Reflection

Snell’s Law



The Speed of Light