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Newtons Laws

Newton’s Laws

Newtons laws of motion and the universal law of gravitation are essential to our modern lives. Without them we would not be able to travel into deep space, predict the tides of the sea, have GPS, cell phones, have transatlantic flight and many other things.


Newton’s Laws of motion

Newtons laws of motion explain how very large objects all the way down to very small objects interfere, react and move in relation too one another. These laws are so powerful that with an understanding of them and some fairly straightforward mathematics it is possible to predict where the moon will be in millions of years time.

Newton’s Laws : Number 1

Newton’s First Law of motion, also called the law of inertia, basically says that an object will remain in the exact state of motion it is currently in unless another force interferes with it. Newton’s First Law of Motion is the reason why we have seat-belts in cars to stop forward motion during a crash, and also why there is a headrest behind your head to stop you getting whiplash from a rear end shunt.  Read more here – Newtons Laws : The first Law

Newton’s Laws : Number 2

Newtons Second Law of Motion can be used to predict many things. It describes the relationship between the mass of an object, lets say a 10 kg wheeled cart and the amount of force needed to get it to travel at a certain velocity. If you give the 10 kg cart X amount of force and travels at Y velocity, to get it to go twice as fast as the original velocity of Y you apply twice the force of X. Similarly, if you had a 20 kg wheeled cart, to get it to go at the same speed as the 10 kg cart you would need to apply twice the force.

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Newton’s Laws : Number 3

Newton’s Third law of motion explains the relationship between two objects acting upon each other. For example, lets take a wheeled cart weighing 100 kg and another wheeled cart with you sitting in it. If you were to push against the wheeled cart while sitting in a wheeled cart it would also push against you. Both your wheeled cart and the wheeled cart of 100 kg would roll away from each other.

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