Solar Powered Cell Phone Hack

Solar Powered Cell Phone Hack

solar powered cell phone

solar powered cell phone

In this cell phone hack i will show you how to modify your existing cell phone and allow it to run on solar power.

This should work with most cell phones, in this

hack i am using a Samsung. I don’t know whether i would have the courage to attempt this with an iPhone or Android phone but i’ll leave that up to you to decide.

 How to disassemble your cell phone and insert the solar cells

To start it is probably best to begin breaking down the solar garden lights until you are just left with the solar/photovoltaic(PV) panels .You will need to be careful here as there might be some silicone holding the PV wires to the base of the garden light housing.

Re-using some old garden lights is always preferable, if you do not have any old ones lying around, you can find some cheap ones here Solar Powered Garden Light

Next, is to prepare your cell phone to accept the Photovoltaic Cell into its back panel

  • Remove the rear cover of your phone. Get a sharp craft knife, the newer/sharper the better. Lie the phone cover on a strong flat surface and place the PV cell on it. Gently etch the outline of the PV cell onto the cover, go deep enough that you can visibly see the outline of the PV cell on your cover. Now take the PV cell away from your phone and begin to cut deeper, this may take some time as most phone covers are made of strong thermoplastics (heating the knife with a cigarette lighter or candle makes it easier to cut these plastics). Take your time and etch away slowly, try to make it as neat as possible, also, be careful not to cut your finger off. Repeat this step for the other PV cell as you will need two of them to power your cell phone. A sharp, strong and cheap craft knife can be found here – Precision Craft Knife
  • Take both of the PV cells and place them into the holes you have just cut. If it was neat they should be tight fitting, if they are too tight etch away with the blade into the rough edges of the cover.
  • Next you have the PV cells in place(be sure to put the cells with shiny side facing outwards) , neatly put some Silicone around the edges of the pv cells, be sure to get some onto the phone cover as well as this will hold them in

    place when it dries (Silicone can be messy to work with, to tidy up edges or remove some silicone, place some washing up liquid on the tip of your finger, silicone does not stick to washing up liquid). Use latex gloves when using silicone as it is mildly toxic.

  • Leave to dry for several hours and go and look at some of my other pages and come back when you are ready 😉

Now its time to get the electronics sorted, this is fairly straightforward as there are only two wires per PV cell.

For soldering you will need the following if you do not already have them:

 Soldering Iron Kit Soldering wire

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