Solar Powered Cell Phone Hack 2

 Solar Powered Cell Phone Hack Continued

What we need to do is increase the voltage of both cells by adding them together, this will effectively create one large cell instead of two smaller ones.

If you look closely at the back of the cells (the side that will be inside the cover), near where the wires are soldered, you should be able to make out a + sign at one, and a – sign near the other.


  • What you need to do is solder one of the positive WIRES of one panel, to the negative TERMINAL of the other panel. Here is a quick guide on soldering wires for anyone that has never done it before – Soldering Wire
  • To be sure that everything is working correctly and that the cells are creating electricity you can either

a) find an LED that is lying around your house, connect it up to the PV cell wires and bring the cell out into the sun. You might need to have the LED in the shade to see if it is working

b) use a Digital Multimeter to show exactly how many volts the cells are producing, anywhere between 5 & 6 volts should be sufficient. At Amazon you can buy a cheap Digital Multimeter (they’re handy to have anyway for general household use).

  • When that is done you need to take the two wires

    out through the cover so that they can be attached to your phones cable that is used for charging and plugged directly into your phone.

  • Drill two small holes either side of the exterior of the PV cells, pull the wires through.
  • Next you need the connection for the PV cells to go into your phone –
  • Take either the USB connection or a spare charger for your phone. Cut the wire about 3 inches away from where the connection into your phone is. If you have used a USB connection there might be 4 wires, red black, green and white. The green and white can be cut away.
  • Solder the red and black of the USB to the red and black of the PV cells. If you are using a spare charger, there should be just red and black wires, solder them to the PV cells.

And that should be it, your phone should be able to charge anywhere there is sunlight. Here is a video i made outlining all of the things i have said above in more detail, good luck. (You can also learn how to make a micro wind turbine here) . Watch the video below first though to be sure you have followed all instructions. I hope you liked it :)